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2nd Annual ¡Si Se Puede! National Hispanic Summit – Un Nuevo Asiento en la Mesa (A NEW SEAT AT THE TABLE).

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In Her Element Foundation is hosting its 2nd Annual ¡Si Se Puede! National Hispanic Summit – Un Nuevo Asiento en la Mesa (A NEW SEAT AT THE TABLE). This Summit will take place on September 30, 2022, from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM MST in El Paso, TX and virtually.
In Her Element Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on developing networks of peers, mentors, coaches, women and friends who are working together to elevate the underserved BIPOC community. The Mission of this organization is to elevate the quality of life, support, empower, and guide girls and women of color towards becoming leaders in their community.

This event is aligned with President Biden’s latest Executive Order, which focuses on advancing opportunities for Latinx, including students, families and society at large. These opportunities are mostly educational and economic, which relieve the pressure our communities have endured for years. This event creates an opportunity to take a place at the decision making table and bring about issues that impact our communities, rather than waiting in the back of the room. It is a powerful emblematic event to bring into light the challenges and opportunities this community experiences.

The ¡Si Se Puede! National Hispanic Summit will host Latinx leaders from all walks of life, including leaders, business owners, professionals, and experts who will be sharing their experiences and knowledge during five different sessions. These sessions are named after “Dichos” or popular “Sayings” that are folkloric in nature for Latinx. These sessions have been intentionally designed to focus on self-exploration and leadership. The panelists and Summit leaders will guide the attendees to learning more about themselves with practical tools and solutions to utilize in their businesses, careers and personal lives.
Session Titles
Session One
-No Te Dejes
-Removing Barriers
-10:00 am-11:00 pm (MST)
Hispanic small business owners are the fastest growing category of entrepreneurs. However, overcoming immigration status, language barriers, and lack of funding and support often keeps hard working entrepreneurs from growing sustainable businesses. The panel discussions will focus on the internal and external barriers holding back Hispanic business owners and provide financial and educational resources such as funding options and financial literacy.
Session Two
-Querer Es Poder
-You Possess the Power to Create Change
-11:15 am-12:15 pm (MST)
This session aims to recognize that we all have the power within to create a change. Querer es Poder reminds us that as Hispanics, we must understand our background, who we are, and fully recognize the cultural scripts and narratives that guide and influence decision-making and behaviors. In this session, participants will learn how to recognize their own personal Hispanic cultural narratives and how these narratives positively and negatively affect their daily actions at times. Participants will gain the confidence, knowledge, and self-awareness to push through and re-write new narratives that create change and upward mobility for themselves and their communities.
Session Three
-Ponte las Pilas
-Creating Your Seat at the Table
-12:15 pm-1:15 pm (MST)
The time is now for ALL to take action in breaking barriers, and ensuring Hispanics are no longer overlookedbut celebrated, supported, and catapulted to their highest potential. Our Keynote speaker will address pressing issues Hispanic and Latino Americans face today and deliver an uplifting message on leading oneself, overcoming obstacles, embracing change, and making a powerful positive impact at the “New Seat at the Table”.
Session Four
-Dime con Quién Andas y te diré Quién Eres
-Inviting Marginalized Voices to the New Table
-1:30 pm-2:30 pm (MST)
This session aims to recognize that we have the power and knowledge to create a diverse table of voices. Hispanics must become involved in our communities, have a political voice for those issues that matter most to our communities, speak up on the importance of healthcare, education, and social equality and continue to invite our brothers and sisters to the new table. This session will provide participants with the tools needed to be continual advocates in their communities.
Session Five
-Dicho y Hecho
-Our Time is Now
-2:40 pm-3:40 pm (MST)
This session aims to elevate voices and confirm to each other and the Nation that our time is now to take our full and rightful place in society. During this session, participants will identify new objectives and the vision for what young aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizations need. Revealing their full potential, participants will confidently gain the skills and knowledge to continue impacting their communities, celebrating their abilities, and empowering each other to be advocates and change-makers.
Join the Summit in person or virtually by clicking and registering on the link:

Time & Location

Sep 30, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

351 W. University Ave El Paso, Texas 79968 Tomas Rivera Conference (TRCC) Union Building East, Room 308

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