Valentine's 3

09 Feb: Sharing some love this Valentine’s Day

Let’s change the face of Valentine’s Day... Flowers and chocolates are not a thing of the past, but consumers are looking for new ways to celebrate this day. No matter what generation you fall under, celebrating this day can be with your significant other, family, friends and our beloved pets. Valentine theme sales and promotions are what our audience seeks. We must highlight all the important relationships people have. Reaching our audience in a fun and memorable way will impact their experience.

28 Jan: Pay Per Click Ad

Pay per click is an online form of advertising, where you can run ads on different platforms like Google. PPC allows traffic to your website as well as potential customers. When people are inquiring about a service or product, they will go into search engines like google to learn more about their options and find what meets their needs. There are different forms of PPC. You have search ads, video ads, shopping ads, e-mail ads, etc. A few examples of ad networks are Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, twitter, and amazon. Google is for the most part the first point of action for business due to its biggest window for audience and potential customers. Google Ads gives the ability to run ads, video ads on YouTube, and even Gmail ads. This is the most common way to use PPC. It provides your business the opportunity it needs to create success.
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28 Jan: How Content Marketing Works

Content Marketing works by providing readers with information and useful tools that give them an insight into your business. Using blogs, videos, infographics and social media posts helps grasp your customer’s attention and brings them closer to a future sale. Being creative and sharing material helps stimulate the interest in your services or products. You must enrich your content to the needs of the customer. Being unique can attract your reader more than reading 10 blogs with the same approach.

28 Jan: 3 Tips to Boost Your SEO

When looking for a trustworthy SEO company, experience and knowledge are the strong connection between a marketing company and the business owner. When doing a google search, most searchers will not go past the first page of results. That is why implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your business is an important tool. Working to place your company at the top of the list is the goal. Here at 11D Marketing we look to raise the amount of traffic that reaches your website. In return, this creates a positive result in revenue. Companies require a well-built presence on the web. It’s the best form to engage with consumers. SEO works effectively with what customers are searching for. Google search dominates with 88% of desktop searches while mobile is at 96%. This makes SEO the important tool any company needs to focus on. Building a company website and creating the traffic required for success is a must in this new era…