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3 Tips to Boost Your SEO

When looking for a trustworthy SEO company, experience and knowledge are the strong connection between a marketing company and the business owner. When doing a google search, most searchers will not go past the first page of results. That is why implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your business is an important tool. Working to place your company at the top of the list is the goal. Here at 11D Marketing we look to raise the amount of traffic that reaches your website. In return, this creates a positive result in revenue. Companies require a well-built presence on the web. It’s the best form to engage with consumers. SEO works effectively with what customers are searching for. Google search dominates with 88% of desktop searches while mobile is at 96%. This makes SEO the important tool any company needs to focus on. Building a company website and creating the traffic required for success is a must in this new era…


3 Tips to Boost Your SEO

In today’s environment, most businesses understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their business. Being relevant, content focused, and trustworthy are some of the ways search engines can reward you and show you at the top of the 1st page.

When doing a google search, most people will not go past the first page of results. Why go past the first page if the most relevant content usually lands on the first page? Currently, Google, as the most dominant search engine,  boasts 88% of desktop searches while mobile converts searches peak at 96%. Most people don’t want to bother going to the second page or beyond.

Implementing specific and long term SEO techniques can be highly beneficial to create a positive result, whether it is creating awareness, revenue or profit. Companies require a well-built presence on the web to engage with consumers, great content, good headlines, and fresh information published at a consistent rate.



Here are 3 tips to help you get started on Seo:

  1. Title Tags

When search results generate, the first 50-60 characters of the title are displayed. This is a quick message that users will see first when searching for your business. Using the right title tags within your content will help users find you faster.

Benefits include using target keywords, and writing a title that matches what is being searched, while being detailed and concise at the same time.

  1. Long-Form Content

The best results in ranking are based on long form content. Posting 3000+ words gets 3 times more traffic, with long form articles there is a strong content performance. These articles can be informational and educational to google users.

  1. Keywords

You must target keywords that have a high search volume. It’s important to have a good counterbalance between low to medium searched keywords. A good variation in related keywords is very useful. When looking for keywords that are a good match for your content, use them regardless of the search volume.

Now keep in mind keywords come in different forms. You can see a phrase like “content and marketing tips.” Or a question like “why is content marketing important?” To a simple two word search like “marketing tips.” Find the best march for your users. It’s all about providing value and content that is relevant and fresh.

When looking for a trustworthy SEO company, look for experience and knowledge. Make sure that they have personalized service and that they have your goals at the top of their list, as well as a results oriented mentality.

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