Hispanic Marketing

Hispanic Marketing: Marketing geared towards a diverse audience that traces its ancestry from Spanish speaking countries, or directly immigrated from them.
Hispanic marketing

15 Jul: My 5 Favorite Ways to Optimize Content for the Hispanic Market

In recent months I have noticed and followed the hot topic of content creation for the Hispanic market in the United States.  This seems to be taking place thanks to recent shifts on Google algorithms that are asking for better online content, instead of artificial SEO.  As the latest Portada issue explains, these changes in algorithms emphasize the need for unique and high quality content, especially for the Hispanic market, which is definitely underserved.  Algorithms won't forgive thin content, or over-stuffing anymore, and companies are now taking action on what seems to be the perfect opportunity to create great content for this consumer.

18 Mar: Is Football Becoming the New Sport for Hispanics?

Fútbol is a particularly strong sport around the world, especially among Hispanics. A new sport though, seems to be capturing the heart of Hispanics: American Football. Recent polls conducted by ESPN have revealed that the NFL has approximately 25 million Hispanic fans, an amazing figure for this sport.  Nielsen has also determined that during the 2012 and 2013 Superbowls the highest Hispanic fan was attending and watching the games including the regular seasons.  So are Hispanics leaving Fútbol  behind for the new Football?