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What’s with the name 11-D Marketing?

What is with 11-D Marketing? You might be wondering what the deal is with the name…

Well, let’s see…there are many reasons for that. 11-D is short for 11 Dimensions. In physics 11 Dimensions is also “string theory”,which is a theoretical framework that tries to address many fundamental issues or questions about space and matter. This theory is a mathematical model that is often called the theory of everything because it describes all fundamental forces and matter of the universe working together as a whole. As you can see we love physics and astronomy in this place…

This metaphor really serves as an all encompassing model that we use to get various dimensions of marketing working together as a whole to ensure success. Until this theory is debunked, we will continue to call ourselves 11-D Marketing. Perhaps in 20 years we’ll have to add one or two numbers so we will have to call ourselves 12-D or 13-D.

The number 11 is also a very cabalistic number, which means that it signals opportunity and change for those who use it. D is the Principal’s nickname so that worked out pretty well.

11-D Marketing



We strive to provide you and you business with customized and holistic solutions so you can serve your current customers, acquire new customers, help your employees flourish, serve your community, and achieve profit.



To connect businesses back to the joy and purpose of serving customers in the best way possible.


To see businesses become places of greatness as they master their craft and drive their strategies and actions everyday.


To extend mentorship and education to businesses so they can thrive in a competitive world.


To raise the quality of products and services provided to minorities and other underserved groups.

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