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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is part of Search Engine Marketing and it is an organic way to help customers find businesses via search engines. By optimizing web content with keywords, titles, backlinks and tags on your site, your website can better deliver the results searchers are looking for and you can engage them to take a specific action.

When building or revamping your site, there are several factors to consider as you create content for your business or organizational website. Useful content, an easy navigational bar, responsiveness, and contact information are the foundation for building or rebranding your presence online, but how will your audience find you easily through search engines?

Search Engine Optimization is a must if you want to be found online. This process allows you to boost your website so it appears on the top search results on major search engines. Optimizing a site also helps you to create a scent trail for your customers as you take them through the customer journey for the conversion you want, while turning your visitors into customers. Most search people go to Google as their first engine, but Yahoo, Bing and others can also organically route your target market to your site.

This is an effective marketing technique that is now required in order to rank on search pages and to help you be found online. It takes time to see results and what worked for you yesterday might not work for you today. Partnering with 11-D marketing will ensure you are a getting the best optimization for your industry by focusing on your audience, aiming for higher rankings, and monitoring your progress.

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