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El Paso Digital Marketing

11-D Marketing is a down to earth, creative El Paso digital marketing agency, geared toward organizations who want to succeed via trust marketing. Our focus is to connect you to your customers through digital marketing and help you build a long-term business.

The success of a business organization can be challenging in today’s rapidly changing environment. Businesses and organizations are required to be flexible to cater to an ever fluctuating customer base. Marketing with the right tools and messages is an important recipe for success, as these different “dimensions” or ingredients need to be working in tandem to create the desired results.

Connecting with the Right Consumer

Targeting the best market, communicating effectively, providing a positive experience, and being profitable, requires knowing yourself. Knowing yourself is knowing your own creative signature-what you’re really good at and where you can improve.

Creative Signature

At 11-D Marketing, we team up with you to guide you through the various dimensions of marketing that need to be addressed for your specific organization and we do it like nobody else does: by getting to know your business and your own creative signature to help you grow in a way you only can.



Because we care about your business, we strive to provide you and you business with customized and holistic solutions so you can serve your current customers, acquire new customers, help your employees flourish, serve your community, and achieve profit.


  • Connect businesses back to the joy and purpose of serving customers in the best way possible.
  • See businesses become places of greatness as they master their craft and drive their strategies and actions everyday.
  • Extend mentorship and education to businesses so they can thrive in a competitive world.
  • Raise the quality of products and services provided to minorities and other underserved groups.
Core Values

So, what do we value most? How do we guide ourselves and our projects? By following  core values that reflect our work ethic and friendly disposition:

  1. Relationships        11. Customer satisfaction
  2. Connection            12. Kindness
  3. Value                        13. Friendly
  4. Diversity                  14. Approachable
  5. Discovery                15. Empowering
  6. Creativity                16. Enthusiasm
  7. Inspiration             17. Truth
  8. Attitude                   18. Performance
  9. Accountability      19. Humor
  10. Power                       20. Freedom
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